FLSL has a long experience and qualified processes to support CAMO organisations in their continuing airworthiness activities. Whether it is AD-control, Reliability analyses or Maintenance Programmes we can provide you with processed data to satisfy your operational needs and regulatory compliance. To better support our non-commercial aviation customers FSLS is in the process of acquiring our own CAMO approval.


Since the existence of the company FSLS has been involved in aviation training. Our core expertise lies within maintenance training such as Part-M, 145 and 66/147, but FSLS being a very versatile company do not hesitate to ask for other training packages.

Flight Safety Legal Services Ltd. is a Finnish aviation consultancy company focusing on providing maintenance management and other Continuing Airworthiness services, training, regulatory support and legal advice for airlines, authorities, law offices,

TC-holders and maintenance and training organizations.


No matter what’s the case you need advice. With our global network of expert we can deliver implemented solutions to your organisation in aviation- and beyond…


FSLS has transparent processes to manage your company aircraft acquisition. Not only you see in advance how much time and resources is needed for the project but also how documentation covers all necessary re/delivery conditions . This overall control the client company naturally has during the whole acquisition project through adequate documentation.



We have been helping our customers with organisational compliance audits especially when companies are implementing new regulations and procedures. Audits for aircraft are also included in our portfolio.



The matrix of aviation requirements and their compliance might sometimes cause unnecessary burden for organisations in the field of aviation.  Having more than 20 years’ experience in regulatory matters FSLS is devoted to help your organisation to find tailor made solutions that reflect your company goals and authority requirements.


For more info contact:

Janne Kotiranta

mobile: +358 45 863 6063